Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff), Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Review

_MG_7716We often talk about a couple having ‘chemistry’. The truth is ‘chemistry’ really can be blamed for ‘falling head over heels’ and ongoing feelings of love… Performed by Carys Eleri, Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff) is a show that blurs the line between comedy, music and science to explore the phenomenon of ‘love’.

Explaining how the human brain produces dopamine, oxytocin and other hormones that elicit our feelings of euphoria and well-being, Eleri illustrates her ‘lecture’ with nifty animation and witty, spirited tunes – but most importantly, anecdotes about her own life.

For me, this is the heart of the show – the ‘theory’ versus Eleri’s life experience, which is funny, candid and totally relatable. Interaction plays a large part in the show, with Eleri’s personable manner effortlessly endearing her to the audience. If ‘interaction’ sounds ‘scary’, best to think of it as hugs and chocolate, and how pleasurable they both are!


While Eleri’s show explores the neuroscience behind ‘love’, it doesn’t shy away from the fact that loneliness in the 21st century is an ever-growing problem, and that it can be felt (and hidden) by even the most vivacious of people. By acknowledging the life-threatening trend of social isolation and the restorative qualities of touch and human interaction, Lovecraft is a heart-warming reminder of why people need people.

© Michael Davis 2018

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Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff) runs at Venue 26 – Summerhall – Red Lecture Theatre (21:00) Aug 14-19, 21-26, (1 hour).

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