You Have A Match, Bread & Roses Theatre – Review

you-ve-got-a-match-cutWritten by Anuschka Rapp and Zoe Woodruff, You Have A Match is a funny take on the search for ‘the One’ – but who may be under your nose the whole time.

The proverbial ‘odd couple’, Tegan (Zoe Woodruff) and Riley (Anuschka Rapp) are life-long friends. While Tegan has worked solidly since graduating, generally ‘tidy’ and owns her own flat, Riley is much more spontaneous and bohemian in nature. The other major difference is Tegan dates men, while Rapp dates women. Irrespective of their proclivities, both women have clocked up an impressive number of dates…

Tegan is all about dating apps, using any and every means to cast the net far and wide. As a list of these sites are rolled off the tongue, we realise how much finding time is spent of finding human connection – and how much of it has been relegated to ‘third-party’ sites. While Riley also uses dating apps, she is in some ways ‘old ‘skool’ – hooking up with people she meets over the course of the day and able to turn a dating ‘maybe’ into a definite ‘yes’.

While Tegan has dated many different men, frequent factors in her selection are that the men are ‘solvent’ and likely to own their own home too. As a consequence of this, Tegan has dated a lot of bankers and those in work in financial services – or as Riley calls them: “wankers.” In contrast, Riley has no stipulations regarding a woman’s economic status.

That’s not to say Riley doesn’t have her own hang-ups or skeletons in the cupboard. A large part of what’s fun about the play is Riley and Tegan knowing each other’s most embarrassing ‘dating’ experiences – including Riley having dated most of their mutual friends.

Yet despite all this, their ‘relationship’ has stood the test of time and lasted longer than anyone else in their romantic history. So why is that..?

© Michael Davis 2018

You Have A Match runs at Bread & Roses Theatre until 21st April.

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