Cat Loud: To The End Of The World!, Vault Festival – Review


Meditative in terms of its structure and execution, Cat Loud’s To The End Of The World! is unlike anything else you’re ever likely to see at the Vault Festival. Imagining a time in the near future when mankind’s environmental misdeeds catches up with ‘him’, Cat mixes observations about the world today with tomorrow’s ‘post-civilization’.

Cat’s wry sense of humour and delivery allows her to talk about meaningful things without taking herself too seriously. The anecdotes and observations that Cat broaches throughout the evening are personable and makes valid points about the ‘quality of life’ in a Cormac McCarthy-esque world.

Accompanied by Fraser Parry on cello, their tasteful renditions of well-known songs that complement the evening are as innovative as they are delightful to listen to.

© Michael Davis 2018


Cat Loud: To The End Of The World! runs at the Vault Festival until 4th February.

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