Avalon, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Michele Martin

Currently running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Charles Huddleston’s Avalon mixes the mythology of old with a ‘legend’ from the Silver Age of Hollywood. A young woman (Michele Martin) who bears more than a passing resemblance to Natalie Wood, is washed ashore in California, with no memories of her past. Stranger than that, however, is the man who finds her (Sean Cronin), claiming to be the original owner of Excalibur and suffering from a wound that never heals. In a place where time stands still, traumatic pasts must be faced if there is to be true healing from the wounds of time and closure…

In some ways the blending of Arthurian myth with emotional catharsis mirrors themes in Terry Giilliam’s The Fisher King. However, Huddleston takes pains to distinguish the characters from the personas they’re known by, both being vulnerable to emotional and physical betrayals…

Avalon runs daily at 9.50am until 12th August.

Address and directions:
Paradise in The Vault (Venue 29) 11 Merchant St, Edinburgh EH1 2QD
Turn onto Merchant Street from Candlemaker Row (the Oz Bar is on the corner). Walk down the street and underneath George IV Bridge. The Vault is the double blue doors on the right almost at the end of the street.




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