La Revue en Rose, Waterloo East Theatre/Vault Festival – Review

Tempest Rose

Ever thought about what it would be like to attend one’s own wake? To hear the stories about how funny and wonderful you were, fondly remembering the mad things you once got up to? Why should this happen when you’re not around to enjoy it? Tempest Rose certainly thinks so, which is why during her show La Revue en Rose, she remembers the good times and the past 10 years working in burlesque.

Opening the ‘service’, the audience stands to sing the karaoke ‘hymn’, Faith by George Michael. This has the desired effect of getting everyone in the mood for a good time. Acting as compere for most of the evening, Rose’s DGAF attitude is contagious and soon has the audience eating out of her hand. Asides from participating in a couple of burlesque routines (including one inspired by Gypsy Rose Lee), she also shows ‘hidden’ talents as an accomplished singer.

For the rest of the evening, other performers show their flair with their respective acts – Storm Hooper will her dazzling, illuminated hula hoops; Luna Lafee with her ornate, andulating apparel and Garcon Diamond whose riff on ‘formal wear’ shows he’s just a ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy’.

With other classic karaoke ‘hymns’ such as I Will Survive punctuating the show, La Revue en Rose sends its audience out not with a heavy heart, but with a reminder that life is to be celebrated.

© Michael Davis 2018


La Revue en Rose ran at Waterloo East Theatre as part of the Vault Festival on 9th February. It will also run on 16th and 23rd February, plus 2nd, 9th and 16th March.

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