Wayward, The Vaults – Review


‘Cat Loud’: Wayward at The Vaults

Set within the ‘Jazz Bar’ area of the Vaults this year, where shows such as The Great Gatsby have taken place, ‘Cat Loud’ (a.k.a. Catriona MacLeod) has brought her latest offering – the delectable Wayward. A cocktail of classic and contemporary songs, along with an ‘Alice In Wonderland meets the Afterlife’ narrative, Wayward is a satisfying concoction that paradoxically leaves the audience wanting more.

As a raconteur, MacLeod’s easygoing demeanour has the audience relaxed instantly. In no time at all, the audience ‘buys’ into this speakeasy odyssey, which MacLeod has littered with familar references, past and present.

In addition, topical references regarding current events and things of a more serious nature are deftly included, adding a bit of ‘spice’ to the proceedings. I personally loved catriona-macleod-wayward-supporting-image02hearing the things MacLeod’s passionate about (which I dare say most empathic people care about too if they’re asked). The notion of being a ‘good girl’ and other labels on women are also touched upon, though I liked her Ashley Judd-esque attitude towards labels which politicians/‘The Man’ attributes to women.

Going back to her singing repertoire, there were some interesting choices. So along with ‘the standards’, there were songs along the ‘black magic’ theme (Voodoo Chile), as well as a certain song by Martha Wainwright (you know the one 😉) which dovetails nicely back to the conversation about women being passionate, complex and not the ‘mainsplain’ definition of ‘good’.

Anyway the last time I wrote a review for one of MacLeod’s shows (Big Night In), I mentioned she “joked” about having a “lock in” next time, so that she would have time to go through her back catalogue of favourite songs. Well I’m still waiting for that day to come, but at least (I hope) we can count on her being a regular presence at the Vaults Festival. By the end of her show, I was grinning from ear to ear.

© Michael Davis 2017

Wayward plays at the Vaults until Sunday 29th January (6pm).


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